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How to keep the baby warm in winter?

  • Winters may seem worse when you have a vulnerable little one in your arms to protect. It becomes important to make sure that your baby remains warm and dry, especially when it’s freezing outside.

  • Try these strategies to stave off chilly weather and keep your squirmy baby warm & healthy.

    • Keep the Baby at the Right Temperature
    • It is very important to keep the baby’s room at a comfortable temperature. The room should be between 16 degrees C and 20 degrees C. Whereas 18 degrees C is considered to be an ideal temperature. Monitor your baby’s the room temperature at regular interval with the help of a room thermometer.

    • Overheating your baby can cause an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death. Avoid overheating by keeping your baby’s sleeping place away from radiators, heaters, fires, or direct sunlight. It is also advised not to put a hot water bottle or an electric blanket in his bed either.

    • Baby Wears While Stepping Out Of the House
    • Keep your baby warm from head to toe with the right baby wear when you step out of the house in winters. A snowsuit is a perfect outfit to keep chilling winters away from your baby. Do not miss on a soft hat and warm mittens as they are your baby’s best friends this season. Keep an extra pair of mittens or two handy, if your little one has a habit of sucking fingers. Also, make sure your baby has on very warm socks or booties, too.

    • Keep the Baby’s Skin from Getting Chapped
    • The chilling winter winds outside and the dry heaters inside drains out all the moisture from the skin. Your baby’s skin is delicate and vulnerable, so it becomes a primary task to keep them from getting chapped. Use good quality baby lotions and creams to keep your tiny tot’s skin moisturized. Hot water can dry your baby’s skin so make sure you bath your junior with a mild baby cleanser and warm water. You can also use a bath emollient if your baby has eczema or dry skin.

    • Babies cry if they are not comfortable, so pay attention, as your baby will give you clues to his comfort level. Too many blankets or over layering your baby with clothes can run the risk of a baby overheating, and accidental suffocation. So, as a parent, try out these tricks and keep your little one warm throughout the winters.