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The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother and Baby!

  • Newborns are fragile and soft, thus susceptible to infections and diseases. Since their body isn’t fully developed they need extra care and proper nourishment. Breastfeeding provides the newborn with all the necessities, such as proper nourishment, extra care, protection from infections and diseases, etc. Breastfeeding is beneficial to the baby as well as the mother.
  • Here are some of the breastfeeding benefits for baby and mother:
  • Health Benefits for baby:
  • Ideal Nutrition For Baby: Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby. It is the perfect combination of vitamins, protein, fat and everything that your baby needs to grow.
  • Protection From Infection and Diseases : Your breast milk contains antibiotics, which help your baby to fight off viruses and bacteria that cause infections and diseases. The breast milk also helps in reducing the risk of asthma, allergies, type I diabetes, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, ear infection, respiratory problems, and diarrhea, etc.
  • Low Sids Risk: Regular breastfeeding helps in lowering the risk of sudden infant death syndrome by half.
  • Beneficial For Brain Development: Your milk is beneficial for your baby’s brain development. It boosts your baby’s intelligence, i.e. breastfeeding improves cognitive development.
  • Health benefits for mother:
  • Quick And Easy Recovery From Childbirth: Breastfeeding releases the hormone oxytocin which helps your uterus contract; reduce the post-delivery blood loss. Thus, breastfeeding helps you in easy and quick recovery from delivery.
  • Reduce weught And Shrink Utreus in Pre-Baby Size: Breastfeeding burns your extra 300 to 500 calories and releases the hormone oxytocin, which shrinks your uterus walls back to pre-baby size. All this helps you in losing the weight you gained during pregnancy.
  • Reduces Chance of Breast Cancer: Breastfeeding reduces the chances of breast and ovarian cancer. Many studies have found that the longer you breastfeed your baby, the more you protect yourself against breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Beats Postpartum Depression: Oxytocin hormone released during breastfeeding helps in reducing your postpartum depression. Researches have proved that mothers feel relaxed during breastfeeding, which helps in reducing the stress level and depressions.
  • Delays in Return of Menstrual Period: The more you nurse your baby, the more your periods stay away. During breastfeeding, the change in the hormones, keeps the menstruation away and act as the post-baby birth control option.
  • Extra Bonus:
    • Emotional Bond: Breastfeeding helps in building a strong bond between you and your baby. It helps in satisfying the emotional needs of your baby.
    • Good For Earth: Production of Infant Formula is one of the factors that cause global warming. The production process releases huge amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere, causing pollution and global warming. Breastfeeding eliminates the use of formula milk and thus discourages the production, which in turn is good for the earth.
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  • Breastfeeding is the best feeding!