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Impact of Prenatal Yoga on your unborn baby

  • What occasion can be the best to discuss the importance of yoga in your life?
  • On the occasion of the first ever World Yoga Day, let’s talk about how practicing yoga during pregnancy can benefit your unborn baby. Yoga isn’t an exercise. It is an art of living. Yoga is a way of life where you learn the importance of discipline and healthy lifestyle. Yoga is the key to better health and a greater sense of happiness.
  • Do you know that prenatal yoga not only help you relax and prepare you for labor but also promote your baby’s health? Prenatal yoga prepares you to cope with the demands of your changing body and mind, and benefits your unborn baby in a variety of important ways.
  • Here are some important benefits that yoga provides for would-be mothers and their unborn child:
    • Get connected to the baby: A prenatal yoga practice will allow you to slow down and focus your attention on the tiny life inside you. With the help of meditation and different yoga asanas you can become more aware of what is going on within your body and mind. This in return helps you to connect with your baby.
    • Calm mommy and cool baby: Yoga provides a healthy environment for you and your baby. It relieves you from tension, pain and calms your nervous system. This facilitates in proper digestion, better sleep, and optimal immune system. Thus, it keeps you calm & composed and a calm mommy is equal to a calm & cool baby.
    • Nurturing time: In your busy schedule, you often tend to forget that you are pregnant and the tiny life inside you needs attention, love and care. Yoga is a promise you make to yourself that you will take care of your baby. Yoga is a quality time you spend with your unborn baby to build the connection.
    • Healthy development: If you practice yoga for an hour, more than three times a week, then you are less likely to suffer from any kind of complications. Your baby will also tend to have healthy birth weight.
    • Keep complications away: Regular yoga during pregnancy can keep you away from pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, preterm labor, pregnancy induced hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction, i.e. a condition that slows down the baby’s growth, etc. So, when are you joining the prenatal yoga class?
  • Taking prenatal yoga classes during pregnancy is the great way to relax. Prenatal yoga classes provide you an opportunity to be a part of community where everybody is like you, expecting. It offers you a positive and supportive environment where you get regular emotional boost which keeps you motivated to face any pregnancy challenge.
  • Prenatal yoga facilitates a more caring infant- mother bond which further facilitates healthy child development. There is no doubt, yoga improves the birthing process and plays a very crucial role in the development of the unborn child.
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