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Planning a babymoon? follow the tips

  • Pregnancy does not mean that you have to stay homebound. You can easily travel by plane, train or car during pregnancy until and unless it’s not a complicated pregnancy. If you and your partner are thinking of going on a babymoon, then just follow these basic tips and enjoy the quality time together by staying safe:

  • Get advice from your doctor:

    Make sure to take permission from your doctor before planning any trip. Go for full check up and tests so that safety is assured. If the doctor recommends rest then it’s better to cancel the plans as safety of both mother and the baby is important.

  • Second semester is safe:

    It is said that out of the three trimesters during pregnancy, the second one is the safest for travelling. Thus, while planning any trip make sure that it is planned during the second trimester for ensuring safety.

  • Comfortable clothing:

    No doubt, everyone wants to look stylish during vacations but during pregnancy it’s important to feel comfortable. So, while packing as well as for travelling keep light, comfortable clothes.

  • Keep the medicines and prenatal vitamins:

    Make sure you pack all your medicines and prenatal vitamins, sometimes medicines of same compositions are not found in other places. Also, keep the prescriptions and reports for any type of emergency.

  • Stay Hydrated:

    During the travelling make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. Keep drinking water or water based juices; this will help in lowering the risks of dehydration.

  • Stretch Your Legs:

    While travelling, it’s very important to stretch your legs time to time to avoid the risk of blood clots or swelling. If you are travelling in a car, then take breaks, get out of car and walk a bit. In plane, take the seat with maximum leg space for stretching.