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Tips to Survive Summer Pregnancy

  • Hitting the “big belly” stage of the pregnancy during summers isn’t difficult at all. It’s easier than you think. Staying cool and comfortable when pregnant during summers is very easy. With a little preparation and the below given simple tips, you will be all set to check out the sunny side of the summer pregnancy.
    • More fluids on a hot summer day: Keep yourself away from dehydration. Drink a lot of water this summer as lack of water in your body can actually trigger problems like pregnancy aches, swelling, and contractions that may increase your risk for preterm labor. If, you are not interested in sipping on plain water, we have a solution for that too. You can always flavor it up with a slice of lemon, orange or a sprig of mint. An herbal iced tea or a splash of your favorite fruit juice is another smart option.
    • Eat wisely: This summer, you must munch on loads of fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon, honeydew, cucumber, carrots, etc. These fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients which are not only healthy for your baby but also keep you cool and hydrated.
    • Say ‘YES’ to sunscreen: Wearing a thick layer of sunscreen is the best way to avoid all types of skin problems that occur due to the harsh sun. During pregnancy, your skin gets very sensitive towards the sun. So, using sunscreen is a must. When you buy a sunscreen make sure it is at least 50 SPF and you apply it every single day irrespective of the weather.
    • Take care of your feet: Swelling of legs and feet is common during pregnancy. But, this can get worse in summers. So, to reduce swelling, try to keep them up whenever possible.
      Going to buy new sandals for yourself, because of your swollen feet? Make sure you buy correct fitting sandals. Opt for flip flops or sandals with no heels. Many shops also sell special sandals for pregnant ladies. These sandals reduce the discomfort caused by your swollen feet.
    • Stay cool: Expecting? Swimming is the best way to stay cool and fit in the hot summer months.
      Regular intake of water, wearing light weighted and breathable maternity dress, getting proper rest & sleep, and taking frequent quick showers are some other ways to keep you away from the heat of the rising temperature.
    • A romantic getaway with your partner: Enjoy your lazy baby free days by jetting off on a babymoon. Escape to a romantic and cooler place with your partner for a long weekend.
      But, do take your doctor’s consent before planning the trip. Point down the instructions provided to you by the doctor and plan your trip accordingly.
    • A cool summer haircut: We know you love your long hair. But, sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain the long hair when you have to take care of a tiny life. So, take these hot summer months as a chance to experiment with your hair style. Visit your stylist and get a brand new hairdo, this summer.
    • Limit your summer activities: Involve yourself in some fun activities like early morning walks, swimming, meditation etc.
      But, there are a few fun summer outdoor activities that you shouldn’t indulge in this summer, as it can be dangerous for you and your baby. These activities are Scuba Diving, Amusement park rides, Gymnastics, Horse riding, Bicycling, Sports, Hot tubs and saunas, Running, Surfing, and Water-skiing etc.
  • We are sure that these tips will help you take care of yourself and your unborn baby, this summer. Be smart by learning the rules of safe pregnancy and enjoy your summer pregnancy to the fullest.
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