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What to expect when pregnant with second child?

  • You might have heard your mother saying, “Every pregnancy is unique.” Well, we must say she is right. Every time you get pregnant, you get yourself into a journey that is going to be altogether a different experience. Your second pregnancy is definitely going to be different from the first one. So, to make your journey, a piece of cake, we have listed down few concerns that every second time moms-to-be must know:

    Experience more fatigue: Second pregnancy can be more tiring than the first one. During your first pregnancy, you had plenty of time to take a rest and pamper yourself. But during your second pregnancy you won’t have that privilege. Whether a toddler or a grown-up kid, you will have to pay attention to your first kid. Running after him will make you feel more tired and exhausted. All your energy will be drained in taking care of your first baby and hardly any time will be left for yourself. Thus, it is very important that you manage to take out some time from your busy schedule just for yourself.

    More Health Issues: Second time pregnancy may bring some severe health issues with it. You may experience more frequent back pains, varicose vein issues, hemorrhoids, a leaky bladder, etc. During the second round of pregnancy, the body easily relaxes joints which cause pressure on the back and results in more body pain. It may be because of the lack of exercise after your first pregnancy.
    If you have suffered from morning sickness in your first pregnancy, you may be lucky as there are chances of escaping from it this time. You can join the prenatal exercise classes to stay fit during your second pregnancy as well. But if problem worsens, don’t hesitate to get medical help.

    Bigger Baby Bumps: Yes, it is true. You have bigger bellies during second pregnancy as compared to the first. This is because you have better muscle tone in your abdomen and uterine during the first pregnancy. And, the muscles and ligaments stretched during first pregnancy do not get back into its earlier shape even with the help of exercises. It makes the belly grow bigger and sooner. So, you might need your maternity clothes early this time.

    Early Kicks and Braxton Hicks Contraction: You may feel the kicks earlier as compared to the first time pregnancy. It is said that the kicks can only be felt in 5th month during the first pregnancy, but if you are expecting the second time, you may feel the baby’s moment bit early. You will also feel the Braxton Hick Contractions earlier this time.

    Easier Labor, but severe postpartum Cramps: Since you have already gone through the labor once, the second would be much easier and relaxed one. It is experienced that the second time, labor tends to be faster. The pushing time during the second pregnancy is much shorter than the first. And, the chances of the vaginal tear are also less. But, you have to go through intense postpartum cramps. The first timers have a better uterine muscle tone, which contracts easily and then stay contracted while the second time this process is irregular and causes intense after-pains.

    All these troubles are worth your little one. Have a happy and safe second pregnancy.