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Factors to be considered while choosing a Stem Cell Banking Company

  • Today, stem cell banking is one of the most promising and emerging field of life sciences. Stem cell research has confirmed that it serves as an internal repair mechanism, dividing to replenish other cells. With the progressing outcomes, more and more health care practitioners are now sharing their commendation on the role of stem cells in reducing the human sufferings. These characteristics of the stem cells would help scientists to unfold & tackle diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s in the coming future.
  • The rising awareness of stem cell banking has encouraged people to save their newborn’s umbilical cord blood for futuristic usage. Since, you too have learnt the value of saving your baby’s cord blood stem cells, now it is time to decide where to bank.
  • There are many private stem cell banks in India, and finding the best one for you might require some kind of research work. Your choice for banking is a very personal decision. But do you really know what to look for before taking a final call?
  • Factors to be considered while choosing a Stem Cell Bank:
    • Experience, Credentials: When choosing a stem cell bank, we should take everything into account. The bank’s years of industry experience, Technology used by them, Training of the Staff, number of samples stored, experience of the staff, experience and expertise of the Medical Advisory Board, accreditation and registration, state registration or licenses, etc.

      You must make sure the bank you are about to choose is being competently managed and has years of experience and proven scientific background.

    • High-tech Laboratory and Location: It is always wise to choose a bank which has their own high-tech labs and storage rooms instead of outsourcing the laboratory function like processing and storage. Their labs and storage rooms must have facilities like power back-up and generators, a monitoring system that ensures controlled environment 24X7.

      The Labs and storage rooms must be located at a place less prone to natural disasters such as flood, earthquakes etc. They must also be protected against fire.

    • Financial Stability: Take no risk when it comes to the financial stability of the bank. What is the point of investing your baby’s precious stem cells in a bank which isn’t stable bought and sold often by its owners. It is always better to check the financial stability of the stem cell bank you are planning to opt for.
    • Pricing: What payment plans are available? What discounts or promotions are you qualify for? What are the annual storage fees for the cord blood banking?
    • Quality & Best Therapeutic Outcomes: It is one of the important factors for deciding to choose a bank. The company works towards national and international collaborations to provide the “best of class” facilities in stem cell industry in India. Also it has high end processing and storage technology which are approved by International authorities. No doubt the therapeutic outcome of the retrieved sample shall also be looked at it, which the single outstanding decision is making factor.

      Choose a bank, which will not only preserve your baby’s stem cell, but also care about your pocket. A good stem cell bank will provide many price options to its customers. Check the pricing options provided by the banks and then come to the conclusion.

  • Now that you’ve cut short your long list of stem cell banks to just a few, it’s time to research and finalize one bank among them as your stem cell banking partner.
  • Download the free informational brochures from the websites of the stem cell banks and compare them with each other. Call them or interact on-line with them. It’s the perfect time to get answers to all your questions. Once you have detailed information on every bank, we suppose it won’t be difficult for you to choose the best among them.
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